Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist (JNCIS-FWV) is designed for networking professionals with advanced knowledge of, and experience with, Juniper Firewall/VPN products and ScreenOS software. The JNCIS-FWV exam tests for a wider and deeper level of knowledge than does the JNCIA-FWV exam.

Target Audience

Network engineers, System engineers, graduates, post graduates or anyone who is seeking to peruse carrier in Network and security field.


Completion of Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-FWV) course or equivalent experience with ScreenOS software.

Course Objective

  • Describe secure flow of communication using Site-to-Site VPN.
  • Describe different types of internal counters and logging levels.
  • Describe the use of Snoop/Debug commands for troubleshooting
  • Discuss the partitioning of ScreenOS device into multiple Virtual Systems.
  • Discuss NetScreen Redundancy protocol concepts and terminology
  • Discuss Screen options to detect and prevent reconnaissance attacks , DoS attacks and suspicious packet attributes .
  • Describe concept of dynamic routing over VPNs.

Course outline

  • Configuration of Lan-to-Lan VPN with a dynamic peer using Peer ID.
  • Configure VPN’s between networks with overlapping addresses.
  • Configure debug/snoop filters to troubleshoot routing, address translation and VPN issues.
  • Discuss root vsys administration
  • Discuss inter vsys communication including NAT
  • Discuss vsys resource allocation
  • Configure NSRP in active/active and active/passive failover
  • Configure redundant interfaces
  • Configure RIP/OSPF over VPNs
  • Configure Floating static routes to achieve VPN failover
  • Configure Screen options to detect and prevent DoS attacks.


  • Lab1: Policy based and Route based VPN configuration
  • Lab2: Configure and verify debug filters
  • Lab3: Configure and verify Snoop filters
  • Lab4: Active-Active failover with NSRP
  • Lab5: Active-Passive failover with NSRP
  • Lab6: Configure interface , zone and track-ip monitoring for failover
  • Lab7: Dynamic routing over VPN
  • Lab8: Configure Screen options

Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program (JNTCP) Firewall / VPN Track