Features of School ERP

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  • Features – Staff & Time-Table
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About School ERP

In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. SCHOOL ERP, operating at the heart of North Delhi. the company primarily deals with all the activities related to School under one application only. In this application, we talk about of Admission, Fees, HR & Payroll, Transport, Examination, Inventory, Accounts, Library, Infirmary, Shop Reception, Hostel, Class teacher, time table, Attendance, Message etc. modules with enhanced reporting system. This cost effective software is created in such a manner that at almost all possible places, you have the liberty to play with records as per your need, and can create master records as per your requirement and use them accordingly. We aim to carve a position in the forefront, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our clients. Our Motto is to serve the purpose of our clients with perfection.

Cloud Based ERP

School ERP Software is a Cloud based Online ERP software with all the latest facilities in it from Online registration to online admission, Online Fee Payment and even Online Report Card generation………..

Curriculum/Lesson Planner

In this module teachers/School can create their Curriculum/Lesson plan for the academic session, also they can manage the topic covered or not covered and plan accordingly for future.

Visitors Management

Visitor’s data can be managed through this module. For all new visitors it creates a database with all his/her details along with photo, purpose of visit and person details whom he/she wants to meet school etc…..

Online Classes and Video Upload Facility

This module provide the facility to school to have Online Classes for the students through ERP Only.Despite providing the Online Classes it also provides the facility to the School to upload educational videos or tutorials for the students which they can see as per their convenience……

Student’s Learning Assessment

It’s a very Unique Service developed by School ERP team to analysis the Students overall performance at the Class.In this we provide a question bank (designed by teachers) chapter wise from which a random question paper is being prepared for the students at the end of each chapter studied, to analysis the Student learning outcome of that Chapter.




Quick Registration [ A separate Registration form where you fill in only compulsory fields ]


Handle Bus Fee – The Way You Want – Distance wise, Route wise, Stop wise or Fixed


Create Customize & Manipulate your school Fee on your own way along with Interactive Reporting for all your Schools Requirement.


Comprehensive Input Form for Library Books Entry


Define Report Criteria, e.g. 20% of FA1 + 80% of SA1 makes it to 100% of Term1


Define Report Criteria, e.g. 20% of FA1 + 80% of SA1 makes it to 100% of Term1

Class Teacher

Attendance Automation for Students As Well As Employees


Encrypted Password Facility


Automatic Accounts Attachment With Fee, Salary, Loan & Advances, Payment To Supplier etc.


Can Take Hostel Fees Separately/With Normal Fee


Handling Leave Application for Employee(s) and Student(s)


Add Doctor, Disease etc. of Your Choice




Provision For Discount & Taxes At Required Levels


Multi-Warehouse Concept – If You Want To Declare Different Rooms As Different Warehouses For Better Inventory Management

Time Table

Create Customize & Manipulate your school Fee on your own way along with Interactive Reporting for all your Schools Requirement.

Online Class

Online Class Module is used for taking Online classes of Students through School ERP’s ERP itself.

Online Test/Online Assessment

Through School ERP’s Online test and assessment module a School can conduct test online by…

Mobile App

Mobile apps for Schools have done a great thing for the students in terms of empowering them and making the …