Hospital Management ERP Software in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, India


Medi-ERP ( Simplifying IT for Hospitals ) is a Web Based Hospital Management ERP Software for Health care Industries.

Our Hospital Management Software is the web based ERP solution for hospitals. The solution provides centralized patient management, billing and EMR modules. Integrated with the HR module, the system provides integrated component to assess workload and assist in optimally scheduling of the workforce in hospitals. Hospital Management Software ( MEDI-ERP ) solution provides integration with proprietary Inventory Management solution Leane Stock that provides management of hospital consumables and assets in multiple stores in the multi locational enterprise wide setup. Integrated with dashboards and other BI (Business Intelligence) capabilities, the solution helps effectively manage services complying with all necessary statutory requirements. The solution provides framework that can be extended to implement processes specific to other geographies and integrate with GIS solutions for spatial analysis of data. Custom Interfaces with DICOM viewer, Digital Signage and Other Laboratory equipments.

The solution provides add-on module for Panel and TPA Billing Management & Tracking of Payments.

The Hospital Management Software ( MEDI-ERP ) Solution fulfills MCI and DCI compliances requirement and generates patients’ records and reports for the regular compliance Audit. Integrated patient diseases and treatment information enables quality research in the Institutes and Hospitals.


Product Features

  • User friendly, intuitive interface with practically no learning curve.
  • Supports multiple branches of the hospital
  • Integrated rate configuration that supports rates for various services & procedures, lab & radiology investigations, packages.
  • Supports hospital specific rates, and rates for empanelled organizations and TPAs
    Integrated billing module. Provides single screen for billing all hospital services.
  • Consolidation, generation and tracking of empanelled organization invoices.
  • Easy reconciliation of payments and tracking of receivables.
  • Quick & easy registration of Patients
  • Integrated Online OPD appointment system & provides integration with SMS
  • Maintain patient documentation electronically & access from anywhere, anytime online
  • Bar code interface
  • Patient work queue management
next generation

Web Based Hospital Management Software

(Medi ERP) Product Features

  • Integrated Patient Management Software
  • Integrated Clinical Management Software
  • Lab Information System Software
  • Radiology Information System Software
  • Integrated Pharmacy Management Software
  • Purchase and Inventory Management Software
  • Integrated Billing and Accounting Software
  • Integrated Business Referrals Management Software
  • Administration Management Software
  • Integrated Patient EMR Software
  • Integration with DICOM Viewer Software
  • Integrated with Bar Code Software
  • Integrated HMIS Reports Software
  • Enabled with MCI Compliance Software
  • Enabled with DCI Compliance Software
  • Enabled with Effective R&D Software

Our Hospital Management Software (Medi-ERP) has been deployed in many hospitals in India, as well as USA, UK, UAE, Dubai, all over world.

Hospital Management ERP Software in India