Indian Firewall Manufacturing Companies

Indian Firewall Manufacturing Companies

Indian Firewall Manufacturing Companies

When any enterprise or small medium business start thinking of a network management & security, the first thing to come up in the mind of IT Managers is a good and secure firewall. Firewalls are the first layer of defense in a network, as a system without the basic layer of security is intended to reveal the sensitive data for enterprise users.

A firewall is a combo of a firewall software and operating system that is built to run a firewall system on a dedicated hardware or virtual machine which includes :

Embedded firewalls: very limited-capability programs running on a low-power CPU system,
Software firewall appliances: a system that can be run in independent hardware or in a virtualised environment as a virtual appliance
Hardware firewall appliances: Hardware firewall is specifically built to install as a network device, providing enough network interfaces and CPU to serve a wide range of purposes. From protecting a small network to protecting an enterprise-level network.

below is the list of Top Indian Firewall Manufacturing Companies :

Vendors and Products of Indian Firewall Manufacturer






Make in India Digital India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched his big “Make in India” campaign, with the aim of turning the India into a global hub of manufacturing, with His Initiative of Digital India, Make in India, Many IT Companies started doing manufacture of Security Firewalls.

Made in India