IT Monteur Web Hosting Control Panel Guide

Securing your ASP pages with ASPSecured

(Applied to Widows accounts only)


This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to obtain ASPSecured, a third-party add-on integrated into your hosting system to secure your site's .asp pages (read more about features you get with ASPSecured}

ASPSecured provides free trial and paid versions (read more about ASPSecured licenses)

To obtain free trial ASPSecured version:

  1. Go to the Web Service/Option page.
  2. Make sure ASP is enabled for your domain (Web Service page ->ASP turned ON)
  3. Turn the ASPSecured ON.

To obtain full featured ASPSecured paid version:

  1. Click the Add icon to set up a licensed version. You'll be asked to enter order ID.
  2. To obtain order ID, follow the Click here link in the form. You will be taken to the ASPSecured website where you can purchase paid license.
  3. Having purchased the license, you'll be issued the unique order ID which should be entered in your Control Panel.
  4. Click Submit.

On submitting the obtained unique ID, appropriate version of ASPSecured will be installed for your domain


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