IT Monteur Web Hosting Control Panel Guide

Platform Change

(H-Sphere 3.0 RC 4 and up)


Starting with version 3.0 RC 4, H-Sphere with integrated hostingPlatformChanger system package adds a possibility to change a hosting platform by switching to a plan of a different nature (Windows or Unix).

Currently, hostingPlatformChanger system package is a beta version that can be integrated into H-Sphere 3.0 RC 4 and up!

The platform change process with the help of hostingPlatformChanger package involves:

  • Hosting plan change
  • Domains IP change
  • Deletion of incompatible resources (currently, all resources listed on the Web Options page). You will be warned of it during the plan change.
  • Manual transfer of a user's content

To initiate the platform change process:

  1. Go to Account->Change Hosting Platform
  2. On the page that appears, from the drop-down box choose the plan you want to switch to.
  3. On the next step, you will be prompted to a Billing Statement that lists the information about prices on new resources and refunds for the incompatible resources. Click Submit to continue.
    Upon completing the procedure, a platform change request will be sent to your admin. When it is approved, the necessary resources will be recreated, incompatible resources removed, DNS and IP changed.
  4. When you receive the email informing that your hosting platform is ready to be used, enable necessary resources and transfer user home directory content.


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