infrastructure management resources

infrastructure management resources

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it management services

it management services

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Website Design Company in Ghaziabad

Website Design Company in Ghaziabad

IT Monteur is a professional Website and Software Development Company in Ghaziabad, U.P. Our company is providing reliable outsourcing software development solutions like MLM, (Multi Level Marketing), Travel and Tourism, Finance, E-commerce, E-learning, IT solutions, Corporate, NGOs, School, Colleges etc.

We have an expert team of Web Designers, Web Developers, Software Developers and SEO, who try to provide best services of our client. You may rely on us to give your company a cutting edge, because we use the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective approach to software development.
We work according to client’s requirements and their business goals. We always use latest technology which is running in “IT World” like PHP,, Ajax, Flash, Flex, Cold fusion. So please come with us and find a finest technology in India.
Services We Offer….

Website Design & Development
Web Portal Development
Software Development
Internet Marketing
Domain & Hosting

In the current commercial scenario the best and the most economical way to promote any business is through website. Today, there is hardly any company in the world that does not have its own website. The website of a company should be unique and a complete source of information that highlights the product or service its offers.

IT Monteur is the one of the few Website designing companies in Ghaziabad that offers the complete range of service related to Website designing. We start with choosing the appropriate name for your website, deciding optimal web space, along with related TLD (top-level domains i.e. .com, .in, .org,, .edu etc) along with hosting and registering the same. Our experts designs the website as per the requirement and necessities of the client abiding by all the legal requirements following copyright laws, infringement rules, intellectual properties rights, patent regulations and as per the government guidelines prescribed for the website designing company in India.After designing the website, we host it, to make it online and easily accessible to potential clients all over the world. To making the website visible we offer SEO services.

Website Design Company in Ghaziabad

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IT Solutions Provider Company in Uttar Pradesh

IT Monteur Provides Complete IT Solutions in Uttar Pradesh and all district and cities of uttar pradesh Agra, Allahabad, Aligarh, Akbarpur, Auraiya, Azamgarh, Barabanki, Badaun, Bahraich, Bijnor, Ballia, Sambhal, Banda, Balrampur, Bareilly, Basti, Bulandshahr, Chandauli, Chitrakoot, Deoria, Etah, Etawah, Firozabad, Fatehgarh, Fatehpur, Faizabad, NOIDA, Gonda, Ghazipur, Gorakhpur, Ghaziabad, Hamirpur, Hardoi, Hathras, Jhansi, Amroha, Jaunpur, Akbarpur, Kannauj, Kanpur, Kasganj, Manjhanpur, Padarauna, Lalitpur, Kheri, Lucknow, Mau, Meerut, Maharajganj, Mahoba, Mirzapur, Moradabad, Mainpuri, Mathura, Muzaffarnagar, Pilibhit, Pratapgarh, Rampur, RaeBareli, Saharanpur, Sitapur, Shahjahanpur, Shamli, Navgarh, Robertsganj, Gyanpur, Sultanpur, Shravasti,Unnao, Varanasi

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Complete IT Solution Providers in Haryana

IT Monteur is a Complete IT Solution Providers in Haryana and its all Districts and cities Ambala, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, Hisar, Jhajjar, Jind, Kaithal, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Mahendragarh, Mewat, Palwal, Panchkula, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Sirsa, Sonipat, Yamuna Nagar and Bahadurgarh


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IT Monteur Services in Odisha

IT Monteur Providing Complete IT Solutions in Odisha State of India and all District, Cities Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Brahmapur, Sambalpur, Puri, Balasore, Bhadrak, Baripada, in Odisha


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Hacking can be done in many different ways

Hacking can be done in many different ways. Two commonly used methods are explained below.

(i) Account passwords harvesting
In this method, hackers will try to collect website account passwords in large scale. We will call this process “account passwords harvesting”. Details on how they do that are fuzzy. Use of password like 123456 or use of a spyware infected PCs at home are the main reasons. Actually the complexity of the password should be beefed up to at least 8 characters. But th is does not help if the user computer is infected with a keylogger.

(ii) PHP vulnerabilities
PHP has got of lot of very vulnerable and potentially exploitable functions. Hackers have been enjoying these security lapses for a long time. In our servers, we are offering PHP after locking down most of the common security holes in PHP.

Most of the PHP applications like Word Press, Joomla, PhpBB, PhpNuke and its Plugins are community developed. These application may have potential security vulnerabilities and hackers may exploit them. Most of the website hacking are done using vulnerabilities in PHP applications.

All community developed PHP applications are patched as & when new vulnerabilities are discovered. So you should upgrade/patch PHP applications in your website time to time. Failing to upgrade/patch PHP applications in your website is equal to opening a backdoor for hacker in your website.

Mass modification of website files
========== ============
Once the hacker discovered a backdoor in website either using an account password or using a vulnerable PHP application, he will try to modify your file. We will call this stage “mass modification of website files”. It looks like this stage was automated and they use a special tool, called MPACK, to install malicious IFrames. Usually only main site index documents are targeted (i.e. index.php, index.html, index.shtml, etc.). Malicious IFrames are usually installed at the beginning or at the end of the document.

Corrective actions recommended
We request you to do following as soon as possible:

(i) Immediately change your account password, as well as that of any other accounts that may share the same password. We recommend the use of passwords containing 8 or more random letters and numbers.

(ii) Review your hosted accounts/sites and ensure that nothing has been uploaded or changed that you did not do yourself.
(iii) Most importantly, upgrade/patch all PHP applications installed in your websites with latest updates.

(iv) Finally, Scan your PC with a good anti-virus.

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How to Setup MySQL (Master-Slave) Replication

How to Setup MySQL (Master-Slave) Replication


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Get Serious About IT Support

Many small businesses lean on an employee or friend “who knows a bit about computers” to manage their IT needs. But if you’re serious about your business’s growth and longevity, you need to get serious about IT support by either hiring an IT professional or using an outsourcing firm. The cost will pay off the first time you get the blue screen of death.

Small business companies spend billions of dollars each year on IT support, yet most of them don’t have a thoughtful IT support strategy to ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck. The following seven tips will help you get the most from you provider of technical support.

7 Tips to Get the Most From Your IT Support Provider

1. Establish a relationship with a provider.

Dig your well before you are thirsty. Don’t just call an IT support provider when you have a technical support emergency. Get to know one while sailing is smooth and build a stable relationship with them. This will help them get to know you, your needs, and your systems during a time of relative calm, which is easier on everyone. That way when you really do need them, they’ll be prepared and able to help you as efficiently as possible.

2. Treat your IT support provider like a part of your team.

As a continuation of tip No. 1, treat your IT support provider as a part of your team, not just a vendor. The more you are open with them about your goals, priorities, and concerns, the more they will be able to help you. Show them the trust and respect of a professional, and they will bend over backward for you.

3. Be clear about your expectations.

Every business has different needs and expectations. Some can’t afford any downtime and are willing to pay to be up 24/7, while others are just fine if their computers don’t work for a few hours and don’t want to pay higher rates to ensure uptime. Be clear about your expectations, so your service provider can align their service and costs with your expectations.

4. Let them monitor your systems.

IT support professionals have access to amazing remote monitoring and management tools that let them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. These tools can monitor the health of your systems and alert your IT support team of a possible problem before it becomes a disaster. This decreases costs and the likelihood of computer downtime.

5. Find someone with experience in the hardware and software you use.

You don’t want your IT support specialist to learn on the job while you are picking up the tab. Find someone who has experience in the majority of the hardware and software you use. At the same time, be realistic and understand that your technical support team may not have experience in everything you use; tell them that you’d like them to make the investment in learning the technology at their cost as a sign of commitment to a long term relationship with you.

6. Find a provider that does remote support.

Ninety percent of IT support issues can be resolved over the phone or internet. Find a service provider that is staffed to provide effective remote support so you can minimize the costs and wasted time associated with waiting for a service provider to drive to your office.

7. Find a provider that offers managed services

“Managed Services” is a term used by IT support providers to describe an ongoing IT management relationship with a client that generally includes the proactive management of the client’s technology (versus just reactively responding when something is wrong) for a flat monthly fee. This combination of proactive services on a flat monthly budget can really benefit small businesses by removing some of the costly surprises that come with working with a service provider on an hourly basis.

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